House Rules

RULE ZERO: Everyone in the campaign must be an adult capable of treating other humans with civility. That includes me, and you are free to call me out on any infractions.

Most of these house rules are just that – rules about being in my home – and have nothing to do with the game. If you’re strictly looking for game-related stuff, you probably want to start with the Character Creation Guidelines page. Okay, here goes, not necessarily in any real order:

  1. Do not park in any of the covered spaces. Those are for residents only.
  2. Keep conversation to a reasonable volume. Although a couple of my neighbors would have it coming if we get overly noisy, the others would not. (Also, warning: one of the has-it-coming neighbors shares a bathroom wall with me.)
  3. Bring Your Own if you want a guarantee of something other than water (though I’ve gotta say I have a pretty kick-ass water filter). If I will specifically be acquiring snacks or drinks for the game session, I’ll let you know in advance.
  4. If you drink alcohol in my house, you submit to my judgement about whether or not you are fit to drive afterward. You further submit to my overreaction if you voice disagreement with my judgement.

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House Rules

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