A Druid who prefers beast form because she has been persecuted in her normal form.


Razorclaw shifter female, Druid level 1

Predator Druid (+1 speed when not in heavy armor), beast form of Lynx

STR 10, CON 12, DEX 18, INT 10, WIS 18, CHA 10, Fortitude 11, Reflex 15, Will 15, AC (TBD)

HP , Surges/Day , Surge Value

Trained Skills: Nature, Heal, Insight, Perception (+2 racial bonuses to Acrobatics and Stealth)

Feat 1: Wild Senses

At-Will Powers: Pounce, Savage Rend, Thorn Whip

Encounter 1: Thorn Spray

Daily 1: Savage Frenzy

Ritual Caster: Animal Messenger, Create Campsite


Hazel’s tribe of razorclaw shifters protects the plains between Eburneum and the Etevert. Hazel’s coming-of-age trials resulted in what she believes was a direct experience of the Primal Beast, and her druidic powers manifested almost immediately, without further initiation.

The humans living in the rural settlements outside Eburneum are vaguely prejudiced against shifters because of their bestial features – and sentiments sometimes flare if there’s been a recent attack on herd animals. Still, they will usually tolerate the shifters long enough for them to conduct peaceful trades, and are often more in demand for the raw natural materials found in plains and forest.

Hazel had come into one such settlement to trade coneflowers to their herbalist. As she left the simpler’s shop, she saw a figure dash out of a home down the street. Instinctively she gave chase, though she kept her head enough to not take her beast form. As she gained ground, she began to piece together that the fleeing figure was a burglar. About a quarter-mile later, she encountered two of the town’s guards restraining another man and accusing him of committing not only that burglary, but a rash of other recent crimes. The guards intimated that the man would be hanged the next day as a public example.

Hazel attempted to corroborate the man’s story that he was innocent and that the valuables they’d found on his person had been dropped by the real thief. She was told in no uncertain terms that the testimony of “a filthy cat-bitch” meant less than nothing, and that if she did anything other than leave quietly right away, she would be implicated in the crime wave as well. Realizing that these guards had no intent of enforcing actual justice, Hazel fled.

She spent the evening brooding about her feeling of helplessness in that situation. As she watched the moon rise, she realized there was one thing she could do, and that she would never be able to forgive herself if she didn’t do it. She returned to the town and asked to visit the man as a final comfort to the condemned. The guards leered and let her in, and she apologized to the man that all she could offer was certainty that a part of him could live on in freedom.

Hazel kept the child until it was weaned, and then left it in the care of a band of elves friendly to her people. She gave it up partly because of the demands of her calling, but mostly so that it could truly grow up as far removed as possible from the prejudice and hatred which brought it to this plane of existence. Almost as much as she did not trust the humans of that settlement to raise the child without prejudice toward shifters, she did not trust herself to raise it without a similar prejudice toward humanity. (The elves in question don’t know this; another precaution to ensure the child’s relative innocence.)


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